Saturday, February 27, 2010


Many apologies for not joining earlier! Actually I tried, but somehow I upset google (?) by inadvertently trying to sign in twice. It never let me back!! I stumbled on the solution tonite: new password. duh.

This is my first time writing on a blog, so I'm still figuring this stuff out. Next... figuring out how to post photos!

Leanne, you've done a lovely job with this blog! I really appreciate all the time and effort you've put in this. I'm sorry that it hasn't taken off. I'd love to see what the others are up to... this was such an excellent idea!

Thanks for the glaze recipes. A buttery black sounds yummy, too. Now that I'm teaching I can test whatever glazes I want. I'm currently going thru Lana's Showsaver recipes... trying all the colorants!

hope to hear from other long lost 'sandwiches.'

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Only bread

Hey everyone. I have been meaning to put up a piece to get things started.
I made a box similar to the one I made in the workshop and here it is. I know it is almost the same box but I wanted thoughts on the glazing as well as the finished piece. Hope you all are doing well!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glaze Recipes

Hey everyone!
I promised some glaze recipes and I finally dug them out of my crazy messy studio.
The first one is the cone 6 black that I promised Linda G.

It is from an article in Ceramics Monthly by Jayne Shatz
Glossy Black
gerstley borate 10.7
whiting 5.5
custer feldspar 78.9
EPK kaolin 4.9

add: colbalt oxide 2.1
copper carb 4.1
manganese dioxide 4.1

This glaze is a beautiful buttery glaze. Very stable on it's own. Can run over other glazes.
Where this thin it is a greenish blackish color.

When I made this glaze I used Kona feldspar and colbalt carb as substitutes.

And here is the turquoise glaze that I am fascinated with.
Glaze #231 variation# 3 Author E. Cooper The Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes

Neph sy 30
Whiting 20
Lithium Carb 5
Ball Clay 30
Flint 15
Copper Carb 1

This glaze is a light copper turquoise where thin but breaks into a mottled brown where thick.
Where thick the brown shows hints of a pinkish mauve color.
Very stable. Does shows signs of movement if extremely thick but has never run off a pot.

Here thick with a dot of errant clear glaze.

This is the turq. glaze over a black slip

Here I brushed on a copper wash that I then sponged off before the glaze application.

This is the same glaze with a substitution of: colbalt 4
rutile 3

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey Everyone,
Just a couple of notes on the workings of the Blog...
My thought is that we will keep the initial setting for now until I learn how to make a banner. (Which is beyond me for the moment.) Also that the blog will be private until we all decide different.
Okay, that taken care of we need to discuss how we want to discuss.
I think it would be best for people to post their work to be critiqued and then everyone else comment on the post. To do that you just click on the word comments below the the post (the word is purple) and a window will come up and you can write a comment to the author. All of this is blog speak so if you don't understand just write to me and I will try to make it clearer.
Can you believe that a week has passed since we were all together making work?
I miss it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

more thanks

Leanne, thanks so much! I agree with Margaret with everything. I think we discussed private vs. public when we were all together, didn't we? It could get unwieldly if it was public, right? You are amazing! Linda Goldstone

Hello from Texas

Thanks for setting this up, Leanne.  Question 1-either is fine.   2-Simple is good.  3-You do it.  We know you'll do a great job.  We got everything home with no damage.  Hope everyone else had a safe trip home.       Margaret H.