Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glaze Recipes

Hey everyone!
I promised some glaze recipes and I finally dug them out of my crazy messy studio.
The first one is the cone 6 black that I promised Linda G.

It is from an article in Ceramics Monthly by Jayne Shatz
Glossy Black
gerstley borate 10.7
whiting 5.5
custer feldspar 78.9
EPK kaolin 4.9

add: colbalt oxide 2.1
copper carb 4.1
manganese dioxide 4.1

This glaze is a beautiful buttery glaze. Very stable on it's own. Can run over other glazes.
Where this thin it is a greenish blackish color.

When I made this glaze I used Kona feldspar and colbalt carb as substitutes.

And here is the turquoise glaze that I am fascinated with.
Glaze #231 variation# 3 Author E. Cooper The Potter's Book of Glaze Recipes

Neph sy 30
Whiting 20
Lithium Carb 5
Ball Clay 30
Flint 15
Copper Carb 1

This glaze is a light copper turquoise where thin but breaks into a mottled brown where thick.
Where thick the brown shows hints of a pinkish mauve color.
Very stable. Does shows signs of movement if extremely thick but has never run off a pot.

Here thick with a dot of errant clear glaze.

This is the turq. glaze over a black slip

Here I brushed on a copper wash that I then sponged off before the glaze application.

This is the same glaze with a substitution of: colbalt 4
rutile 3

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