Monday, July 21, 2008


Top Row from left: Margaret, Stephanie, Lana, Margaret B, Jane, Rebecca
Middle 3 from left: Linda G, Christina, Linda S
Bottom: Oliver, Constance, Leanne

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a safe trip home.
This is the basic setup for the new blog. I have invited all of you to be authors and hope that you got that email. If you wouldn't mind, could everyone post a comment confirming that you are up and running as an author. Then we can all get started.
Now, I also have a couple of questions....
1. Do you all want to be a public group or a private group?
2. There are fancier templates for the blog but I chose a simple one. Is this okay with everyone?
3. Do ya'll want me to write a group profile or do you all want to participate in that as sort of a mission statement?
Well, I am sure that I am not covering everything...but I will get back to you if I have any other pressing questions.
Hopes for inspired work to all!


Rebecca said...

Hey Leanne, I am signed on!
1. It doesn't matter to me
2. This one is fine unless you want to go fanicer!
3. I wouldn't mind if you wrote the profile.

Christina said...

Hi Everyone! Wow! Thanks Leanne for getting this done so fast. Your awesome! This is going to be fun. I am fine with anything. I agree with Linda on the private vs. public, maybe private for a while then we can re-evaluation so it doesn't get too overwhelming for us all. I am a virgin blogger! ha! :)

lana said...

Hello all!
I am so very happy about this blog. Leanne the simple is great and I will accept your opinion on leaving it private or go public. What about keeping the photo there and adding the names left to right back row and front row so if any of us get confused we can double check who the person is. OK I admit it, I forgot one name and I really want to know each name. I have never participated in a blog before, yep, another virgin,so here we go.
Many thanks Leanne!!